Jagdeep Dhankhar, CJI DY Chandrachud, LM Singhvi

Constitutional Provision Can Not be Undone, But Only in India, Dhankhar Spoke Candidly

In the presence of CJI DY Chandrachud on the occasion of 8th LM Singhvi memorial lecture the vice president of India Jagdeep Dhankhar asked the audiences that find out a parallel incidence... Read more »

Social media, free expression and competition law

The situs of the agitation, as opposed to the issue, perhaps explains the kind of attention that is being showered on it. The absence of similar agitations in other parts of the... Read more »

Competition law and state aid for aviation sector

Does the sector need specific regulator or general regulator? A bird’s eye view. Read more »

Competition law in the digital world: Blockchain

Blockchain technology, often dubbed as next major digital revolution after the advent of the internet, is essentially a general-purpose application of an existing technology, which is called “distributed ledger technology” (DLT). This... Read more »

Are tortious interference suits antithetical to free market competition?

Existence of a contract is an essential concomitant for this tort to have occasioned. The act of wrongfully inducing a person not to enter into a contract does not amount to tortious... Read more »

Competition law, digital world and search advertising

Introduction In our previous trend, we focused on the features of markets in the digital world with respect to high returns to scale and network externalities which went handin-hand with the rise... Read more »

Focus on Local: Looking at competition law, policy lens

The key to success of Self-Reliant India would lie with the consumer who has to decide to promote locally produced goods and services. Local industries have to increase efficiency and work towards... Read more »