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Government Contracts Must be Ordinarily Awarded Through Tender Process: SC

The Supreme Court in the case Indian Medicines Pharmaceuticals Corporation Ltd vs Kerala Ayurvedic Co Operative Society Ltd observed and has stated that the State does not have absolute discretion while spending... Read more »
Karnataka Power Corporation vs JSW

Contract Can Be Said To Be ‘Concluded’ Only When Parties Are Ad Idem On All Essential Terms

The Supreme Court in the case Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited vs JSW Energy Limited observed that a contract can be said to be concluded only when parties are which are containing... Read more »

Covid-19 and commercial leases: Exploring the unexplored route for invoking force majeure

The COVID-19 pandemic has clearly raised many complex questions of law in relation to the rights and obligations of parties when faced with substantial variation in circumstances in the context of which... Read more »

Covid-19 and tenancy agreements: Pity or humanity?

In India, every state has its own mechanism of rent control laws and evolution of this can be traced when the first rent control act was enacted in 1918 immediately after the... Read more »

Covid-19: Rise of disappointed expectations and frustrated contracts

The lockdown’s multiple negative consequences, like reverse migration and disruption of supply chains, will further add to the woes of businesses after it is lifted. Read more »

Covid-19: Force Majeure and ‘Frustration in Frustration’ in discharge of contractual obligations

In our legal system, the courts apply the law and grant reliefs in balancing the equities between the parties. Read more »

The non-compete clause: Need for a relook

It is time to take a studied view and amend Section 27 of the Indian Contract Act, written for the 19th century, in the India of today Read more »

Covid-19 and commercial contracts: Is force majeure invocation the panacea or another pandemic?

It must be established that Covid-19 caused the failure to perform a contractual obligation. Just the cover of the disease’s global spread won’t be enough. Read more »

Determining ‘complex fraud’ and arbitrability of disputes

After the implementation of Act of 1996, the issue regarding arbitrability of disputes where allegations of fraud were raised, came up for consideration before the Supreme Court in N. Radhakrishnan v. Maestro... Read more »

Review contracts before seeking relief under force majeure

Infrastructure and development projects usually have these clauses to cover for delays and cost overruns. Read more »