World of intellectual property in and around e-sports

The E-Sports Federation of India (ESFI), a non-profit organisation, promotes and organises gaming events and help train the athletes. It will not be correct to call them gamers as there is a... Read more »

Understanding IP through utility and incentive-based approach

In the previous piece, the author discussed how personality matters in intellectual property. The author relates to the personality theory giving Hegelian’s justification for intellectual property. The claim over the property by... Read more »

Impact of coronavirus and nationwide lockdown on the proceeding of IP in India

With the outbreak of Corona Pandemic and announcement of nationwide lockdown in the country on 23rd March 2020, the initial lockdown was from 23rd March 2020 to 14th April 2020 later seeing... Read more »

Emoji and IPR

The word ‘Emoji’ originally meant pictogram, which was an acting symbol to convey meaning with physical object usually seen in computer icons. Before Emoji, Emoticons were used to express feelings by using a combination... Read more »

MSMEs and Intellectual Property Rights

In this competitive market, one major issue faced by smaller entities is exploitation by larger entities and the same continues in case of the MSME sector. Read more »

Trade secrets: Contractual obligation or intellectual property

“No one can doubt, that the convention for the distinction of property, and for the stability of possession, is of all circumstances the most necessary to the establishment of human society, and... Read more »

‘Covid’ or ‘Corona’: Can they be trademarks for pharmaceutical industry?

The pandemic, an unprecedented crisis, has turned out to be a business opportunity for the pharmaceutical industry, with the industry reaping benefits from its Intellectual Property. There has been a plethora of... Read more »

Need for disclosure-based data exclusivity norms in the time of pandemic

The outbreak of Covid-19 has set the eyes of the world towards finding a suitable vaccine for the virus. Undoubtedly, the vaccine will have a huge global demand once it is prepared.... Read more »