Madhya Pradesh HC

Consider Employee’s Service Length and Employer’s Conduct While Granting Back-Wages:  Madhya Pradesh HC

The Jabalpur bench of Madhya Pradesh High Court ruled that when granting back-wages, the length of service of an employee, as well as the employer’s conduct must be considered. The bench of... Read more »

Labour reforms during Covid-19: A critical analysis

Analysing the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on economy, investments and labour. Read more »

One India, One Wage, One Ration Card and Migrant Labour

Given the wide disparity in wages across the states, the One Nation, One Ration Card plan makes sense and the government should not repeat the GST failure. Read more »

Covid-19, mandatory wages and the extent of powers

The Disaster Management Act was never intended to have financial repercussions and directives under it cannot have mandatory financial obligations on private entities. Read more »

Are lay-offs legal?

The labour acts require work to be carried out for there to be an entitlement to wages and other benefits. When there is no work done, the owner/employer is well within his... Read more »

Mandating private sector to pay wages: Legally justifiable?

It is not entirely clear as to whether the Central Government has the powers to direct or mandate private parties or employers to necessarily make payments to their workers, without considering their... Read more »

Contract labour: The Covid impact

The concept of contract labour is covered by the Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition) Act, 1970 (“CLARA”) which deems a workman to be employed as “contract labour” “in or in connection with... Read more »