US Woman With Tuberculosis Arrested: After Refusing Isolation And Visited A Casino

A woman has recently been identified as V.N. from Washington state, US, it’s found to be in contempt of court after she ignored the court orders for isolation and treatment of tuberculosis... Read more »

Conservatorship & Conservatee: The case of Britney Spears

“I don’t understand how the legal system has let this go on for so long. Maybe it’s like the first one of its kind and they don’t know how to handle it,... Read more »


Recently, the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India ordered the removal of 48,000 slum dwellings around railway tracks in Delhi, affecting approximately 2,40,000 people. Prior to this order, the Apex Court and the... Read more »

Euro-centrism, Islamic jurisprudence and public international law: An examination

It’s rightly said that “Law of nations is nothing but a law of nature applied to nations in a state of natural liberty.” An insightful dealing with the genesis of public international... Read more »