ILA Conference In Thiruvananthapuram Passes Resolutions To Protect Constitutional Values

The 11th conference of the Indian Association of Lawyers has recently took place in Thiruvananthapuram, where several resolutions were passed to safeguard constitutional values.

An official statement highlighted that one of the resolutions called for judicial selection reforms at all levels.

The statement emphasized that the judiciary’s current composition and appointment process didn’t adequately represent the interests of the nation’s citizens, lacked gender equality, and excluded members of minority groups and marginalized sections of society.

Further, it claimed that the existing system favored the status quo and individuals already deeply entrenched in the judiciary.

R.S. Cheema, the President of the Indian Lawyers Association, spoke to the media and expressed concern over the challenging times the country was going through, with the core values & fundamental principles of the constitution apparently under threat.

Another resolution addressed the issue of violence, the philosophy of hatred, and the polarization leading to frequent attacks on minorities.

The IAL acknowledged the positive impact of 3 judgments: one pertaining to the selection of the Election Commission, another related to the fall of the Mahabharata government and the role of the governor, and the third concerning the division of powers between the Delhi government and the federal government.

The IAL stressed the importance of these rulings in upholding the federal & democratic principles of the Indian Constitution.

They urged the highest court to continue its commendable work, act as a watchdog, and protect the spirit of the Constitution.

Therefore, the statement noted that urgent action was required on significant cases before the Supreme Court, including those concerning electoral bonds, Article 370, and the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

Additionally, the IAL passed a resolution expressing concern over deliberate attempts to undermine the judiciary and downplay the significance of the supreme court.
It added that there was also an emphasis on the trend of tribunalisation.

“Where ever it is necessary to have this tribunal, it must regular appointments practising advocates who are competent and fulfil the eligibility criteria. Also passed resolutions against the increasing attacks against the advocates who perform their duties,” the statement read, adding, “We demand an act that is currently being condemned in the state of Karnataka and has already been enacted in certain other states.”

The statement added that the other resolution stated that a law must be passed to provide stipends to young advocates from weak sections that were required to make payments for loans to set up offices and libraries.

The statement concluded by stating that another resolution was passed, advocating for a law that would provide stipends to young advocates from marginalized sections who faced financial burdens while setting up offices & libraries.

The topic for the conference was ‘Lawyers for the Constitution’.

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