200 cr Money Laundering case: Jacqueline Fernandez arrived before Patiala House Court


Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez, accused in a Rs 200 crore money laundering case involving conman Sukesh Chandrasekhar,on Tuesday arrived before
the Patiala House Court In Delhi. Meanwhile, the Jail Authority produced the main accused, Sukesh Chandrasekhar before the court.

Enforcement Directorate’s advocate claimed at the court hearing that Sukesh is the case’s mastermind. Sukesh had used the landline to place the initial call. Sukesh admitted to taking 57 crores from Aditi Singh, but the police’s investigation revealed that he actually took 80 crores.

Sukesh allegedly informed the ED that gifts were provided to the jail authority from this sum. For Mohanraj, a car was purchased, and 26 other expensive cars, including Lamborghinis, were also purchased. Sandeep Tihar Goyal, DG, received 5 crores. In real estate, B. Mohanraj. invested 9 crores.
Meanwhile, the court has requested that the ED provide brief summaries of the charges for which there is supporting evidence at the request of Sukesh Chandrasekhar and Jacqueline’s attorneys.
All parties were requested by the court to submit written responses.
In the same case, the court was informed that Pinky Irani, another defendant, had not submitted the forensic report. Along with this, the vice sample report is also eagerly anticipated. According to the court, the GFSU in Gujarat was instructed to submit the report before the next hearing after receiving it.
Meanwhile, ED has filed an application on the charges of money laundering, in which a demand has been made to attach the property. The property has 26 cars, which were bought with this fraudulent money. ED moved the application seeking to take possession of the attached property under Rule 4(2).
It was said on behalf of Sukesh during his appearance in court that pressure was being put on him and that he was being harassed. He said that he has given many applications for this, but the jail administration is not allowing them to reach the court.
Issuing an order on this matter, the court said that the application given to the jail authority should be presented to the Mandawali jail administration before the court. Apart from this, the administration should also ensure its safety.
Meanwhile, Jacqueline Fernandez sought permission to go abroad from December 23 to January 5. The court will hear this application at 12.30 p.m. on December 22.
Earlier, the Bollywood actress was granted regular bail on November 15 on the ground that the accused was not arrested during the investigation, which clearly makes it a bailable case.
Jacqueline was granted the relief by Special Judge Shailendra Malik on a personal bond of Rs 2 lakh with the condition that she will not leave the country without the court’s prior permission, and the judge also directed her to join the probe when asked by the ED.

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