‘Blue Coat’ for Law Interns! Not yet, Delhi HC Stays SBA Resolution

Law Interns, Kadkarduma

The Delhi High Court Blocked the move of Shahdara Bar Association and has asked Bar Council of India to intervein in this matter. Delhi High Court issues stay order on new dress code for law interns prescribed by Shahdara Bar Association Also.

On November 24, the SBA passed a resolution prohibiting interns from wearing black coats Karkardooma courts. They have to dress differently from lawyers, therefore entailed they had to wear a white shirt, a blue coat, and blue pants.

This was therefore challenged by a second-year law student before the High Court. Delhi High Court Single Judge Bench Justice Prathiba M. Singh ask Bar Council of Delhi to call a meeting of all bar associations in the city and other concerned parties to determine on the appropriate uniform for law interns.

The Bar Council of India (BCI) has also been asked to join the meeting.

“Considering the large number of interns, a uniform policy ought to be arrived at with the consent of all stakeholders. A consistent uniform should be prescribed because if different associations prescribe different uniforms, then the interns will be inconvenienced,” the Court said.

SBA stated in its resolution that anyone who do not follow the required dress code will not be permitted to attend the court.
Advocates Ujwal Ghai, Shivek Rai Kapoor, Sanchit Saini and Arpit Sharma were appeared for the petitioners before the bench.

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