HC Orders Policy For Compensation For Causalities Caused By Chinese ‘Manjha’

HC Orders Policy For Compensation For Causalities Caused By Chinese 'Manjha'

The Delhi High Court, on April 30, has asked the Delhi government to formulate a policy to compensate those who have lost lives and suffered severe casualties because of Chinese “manjha.” The Delhi High Court has given the government a time period of eight weeks to come up with the plan.

The severity of this issue

The use of Chinese “manjha” in our society presents a significant problem. Disguised as a sturdy kite-flying thread, it has instead become a source of danger and nuisance. This type of thread is coated with metal dust, making it extremely hazardous. Its enhanced strength poses a serious threat to public safety, leading to numerous casualties.

The danger extends to motorists, as the thread’s strength can potentially cause severe injuries, even cutting throats. Additionally, birds are particularly vulnerable, often becoming ensnared in the nearly invisible web created by the thread. In their frantic attempts to escape, they sustain severe injuries, sometimes fatal.

Court’s Observation

Justice Subramonium Prasad stated that he is “pained” to notice the number of people who have lost their lives and limbs as a result of Chinese manjha despite orders prohibiting its sale. He additionally asked the police to report the action taken against individuals making and selling Chinese manjha from 2017 to 2024.

“The state government is directed to frame the policy and file it in court within a period of eight weeks from today. Let the latest status report be filed as well by the respondent or Delhi Police, showing the action taken against those persons who are manufacturing and selling Chinese manjha from the year 2017 to 2024,” the order further stated.

The matter will be heard next on August 23.

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