Purported video of judicial officer taken down, Centre informed to Delhi High Court

Delhi police-High Court

The Centre government on Friday informed the Delhi High Court that it had complied with its November 30 order, to ensure that a purported video of a judicial officer is taken down at the earliest.

The intermediaries have taken down the video and blocked the URLs. Google has processed for removal of URLs as identified. Twitter has also taken action against URLs,” the Union Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, said

The ministry further informed that two Facebook URLs of the video have also been blocked. However, Whatsapp said that it cannot pull down private chats unless it is provided with specific phone numbers, the ministry said.

The Delhi high court directed to put up this case on February 8 for further hearing.

On November 30, the court set an injunction against the circulation of the purported video in which one of the court staff and the judicial officer are allegedly seen.

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