Divorced Muslim Women Can Claim Lifelong Maintenance from their Ex-Husbands

Divorces Muslim Women, Allahabad High Court

The Allahabad High Court has given a historic verdict on Wednesday regarding maintenance of divorced Muslim women. The Allahabad High Court has said in its judgment that a divorced Muslim woman is not only entitled to alimony for the period of iddat (i.e. three and a half months), but throughout her life. The Court said in the verdict that the amount of alimony should be so much, in which the divorced Muslim woman can lead a dignified life as before.

The High Court has dismissed the order of the Ghazipur Family Court of Uttar Pradesh, giving alimony only for the period of Iddat, terming it as illegal. The order was issued without properly considering the the Court said. The Muslim women cannot be discriminated on the basis of gender or religion alone, the court added

Not only this, the court also said that along with the alimony, the divorced Muslim woman will be entitled to get the dowry amount and all the gifts received in the marriage. The court has said that the alimony should be so sufficient that the living-food-clothes and other needs of the divorced woman can be easily met. However, the Allahabad High Court has made it clear in its judgment that a divorced Muslim woman will be entitled to alimony for life only if she has not remarried. If the woman has remarried, then in such a situation she will not be entitled to get alimony from the ex-husband.

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