HC Mandates E-Passes to Safeguard Ecosystem Amidst Tourist Surge

In response to the traffic congestion in Ooty and Kodaikanal, the Madras High Court has mandated E-Passes in order to curb, control, and manage the tourist influx while at the same time safeguarding the Nilgiris ecosystem.

The special division bench, led by Justices D. Bharatha Chakravarthy and N. Sathish Kumar, introduced the e-pass system to tackle the issues arising from high tourist numbers in hill stations. Nonetheless, there’s no limit on e-pass issuance, and local residents are exempt from this requirement. In response to a report revealing a staggering influx of over 20,000 vehicles daily, including 11,500 cars and 6,500 two-wheelers, during peak seasons, the court directed District Collectors to set up an online platform for issuing e-passes. These passes will be obligatory for entry, aiming to manage access and ease traffic congestion on congested roads.

Nilgiris District Collector M. Aruna says, “We have joined hands with the TNeGA (Tamil Nadu e-Governance Agency), and we have created software wherein people can apply and enter Nilgiris. All they have to do is give some basic details like their name, their address, the number of days they are going to stay in Nilgiris, the location where they are going to stay, and the vehicle name, type, etc. that are available on the website. After that, an ePass will be generated. The ePass will have a QR code, which will be scanned by our people at the checkpost. There is no restriction on the number of vehicles or the number of tourists. With respect to the local people, we have exempted them from the e-passes.”

In conclusion, the implementation of e-passes by the Madras High Court, coupled with collaboration with authorities and the use of technology, reflects a proactive approach towards managing tourist influx and preserving the fragile ecosystem of Ooty and Kodaikanal.

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