K’taka HC Rejects Iraqi National’s Entry Plea Over Visa Violations


The Karnataka High Court has recently obstructed efforts by an Iraqi national to gain entry into India, citing visa violations and his blacklisted status.

In an apparent attempt to avoid being placed on a blacklist for overstaying during prior visits, Sagad Kareem Ismael allegedly changed the spelling of his name, tampered with his visa sticker, and made dubious claims that he needed medical attention.
The 33-year-old Baghdad resident of Iraq had submitted a petition from this location via Muntandher Ahmed, the “special power of attorney holder.”

In accordance with his February 2024 application, he requested that the Ministry of External Affairs issue him a visa so that he could receive medical care.
Noting Ismael’s repeated attempts to enter India despite being on a blacklist due to overstaying, Justice M Nagaprasanna dismissed the petition, calling the medical treatment claim “dubious.”

Ismael’s visa was overstayed by 11 months when he initially came in Bengaluru in 2012 to pursue a pharmacy course, which resulted in his blacklisting until May 2019.
He was allowed to return twice on medical visas during the blacklisted period despite his vain attempts to do so, but each time he overstayed and was blacklisted once more.

In 2020, he filed a petition challenging the visa rejection, but it remained unresolved due to improper filing.

Ismael allegedly changed his name to something else in an attempt to re-enter India. He also reportedly got a new passport and a medical certificate from a hospital in Baghdad that suggested he receive treatment in Bengaluru.

Nevertheless, because of his blacklisted status, his visa application was denied. The 22-year-old Ahmed was then granted a special power of attorney by him to file the current petition, which the Indian court ultimately ruled to be void.
The Foreigners’ Regional Registration Office was also counseled by the court to carefully review hospital recommendations for medical visas.

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