Punjab and Haryana HC Mandates Parking Lights for Roadside Vehicles

Parking Lights

The Punjab and Haryana High Court upheld the necessity of mandatory parking lights and reflectors on vehicles parked alongside roads. This decision came as it rejected an appeal by an insurance company firm challenging the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal’s judgment (MACT).

The case stemmed from a tragic incident on August 9, 2020, involving a collision between a car and a canter parked on the roadside. The canter was positioned on the unpaved shoulder of a road wide enough for two vehicles.

The accident occurred at night, exacerbated by the canter’s lack of parking lights or reflectors, leading to the unfortunate death of a passenger, Arvind Kumar. Kumar’s dependents argued that insufficient safety signals rendered the canter invisible to approaching vehicles.

After reviewing evidence from both parties, the Punjab and Haryana High Court emphasized that vehicles parked on roadsides must activate their parking indicators and affix reflectors. In this instance, the absence of these precautions on the canter meant that the car driver could not have anticipated an obstacle on the road. Consequently, the court absolved the car driver of negligence.

Additionally, the court dismissed the insurance firm’s plea to reduce the compensation amount, affirming the Tribunal’s award of INR 19 lakhs to the victim’s family. This ruling underscores the court’s rigorous stance on road safety and the responsibilities of vehicle owners in preventing such accidents.

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