Exclusive: Super Star Salman Khan’s ‘Dost’ Jacqueline’s Sensational Statement to EOW…!

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Jacqueline Fernandez, the popular bollywood actress has made a sensational statement about conman Sukesh Chandrasekhar. ‘Legally Speaking’ has accessed the soft copy of her statement.
According to our sources, Jacqueline had given her written statement to the Special Cell Police Station of EOW (Economic Offenses Wing) during the investigation of FIR 208/21. The EOW has placed Jacqueline’s statement before the court along with a supplementary charge sheet.

This is a known fact that Salman Khan and Jacqueline were very good friends. Along with Jacqueline, Salman Khan has also campaigned for then Sri Lankan President Mahindra Rajapaksa in 2014. No one knows where is Salman Khan is now a days and whether both of them have any communication or not. Salman Khan and Jacqueline both were spotted together in May 2022. Yes, it is definitely known to all that as soon Sukesh Chandrasekhar came in Jacqueline’s life as everything of her got ruined.
Conman Sukesh Chandrashekhar has “played with my emotions and made my life hell,” actress Jacqueline Fernandez told to EOW. “Sukesh misled me, ruined my career and my livelihood,” Jacqueline said. She admitted that Sukesh gave her 5 watches, 20 jewellery, 20 shoes, 65 pairs, 47clothing items, bags 32, Hermes bags 4, paintings 9, crockery set (Versace)1, and a massage chair was given by Sukesh.
Jacqueline has said that these gifts either come through Pinky or through my stylist Leepakshi. They sent all these gifts directly to my home without any bill. Jacqueline claimed Chandrashekhar was introduced to her as a government official and said that she “felt somebody was spoofing her”.
salman khan,  Jacqueline

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The two started speaking after “Pinky Irani (the woman who introduced the actor to the conman) convinced my makeup artist, Shaan Muthathil, that Chandrashekhar was an important official of the Home Ministry. later he introduced himself as the owner of Sun TV and claimed J Jayalalitha was his aunt. Chandrashekhar said he was a big fan, and said I should do films in South India too, and as the owner of Sun TV, they had many projects lined up. We should try to work together in south Indian movies.
The two were talking on calls and video calls at least three times a day – he used to call in the morning before shoot, through the day, and at times at night before she would go to sleep, she said.
“He never mentioned he was calling from jail or he was in jail. He used to call from one corner with a curtain and a sofa in the background,” she said.
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Fernandez and Chandrashekhar last spoke on call on August 8, 2021. “He did not contact me after the said date, and I later got to know he was arrested for impersonating senior government officials of the Home Ministry and the law ministry,” the statement said.
The conman and Pinky Irani “always had an intention of cheating me”, she said, adding, ‘I was fooled by Shekhar (the name used by the conman to interact with the actor). At the time I got to know about Shekhar’s criminal background, I got to know that his real name is Sukesh.’
Pinky was aware of Shekhar’s activity and background. But she never disclosed this to me, When I had to travel to Kerala, he asked me to use his private jet. He organised a helicopter ride for me in Kerala. On the two occasions when I met him in Chennai, I travelled in his private jet,” Fernandez said.
Our Sources Said, ‘Jacqueline’s statement is only a small piece, there is much more in this story. Nora, Suren, Shaan, Pinky and Leepakshi, during the cross examination of the witnesses in the court, may reveal some more facts which are still hidden’.

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