Honor Killing: Father shot Daughter in Court Primises But Where? see Here

Honour Over Death: Daughter's shot dead by father In Pakistan Karachi's Court

A 19-year-old Pakistani girl was shot dead at the gates of the Karachi city court in Pakistan by her father for marrying against his will.

In Karachi, Pakistan, a father shot dead his daughter for marrying against his will, on the court premises for his false pride, police have registered the case of honour-killing in the matter.

According to Pakistan police, the woman was a resident of a tribal area of Waziristan and left her home after marrying a doctor living in her neighbourhood, which angered her 65-year-old father Ameer Jan Mehsud, and due to this anger, the father shot dead his newly married daughter in a Pakistan court.

The incident happened when the woman, came to the Karachi City Court to record her statement to confirm that she had entered into a free-will marriage, police said. “When she came to the city court to record her statement, her father opened fire on her, killing her on the spot, and during this incident head constable Imran Zaman, 40, and another person, 20-year-old Wajid Kaleem, were also injured. Both the injured were taken to Civil Hospital of Karachi along with the girl’s body, where the girl declared dead and the injured policeman was out of danger now,” Senior Superintendent of Police Shabbir Sethar added.

The accused has been arrested and the weapon used in the crime has been seized, he said.

After this brutal incident, once again questions are being raised about the law and order in Pakistan. There has always been a question mark regarding the freedom of women in Pakistan and in such a situation, this murder inside the court premises has raised more question marks on the law and order of Karachi.

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has reported, “an average of 650 honor killings cases are reported annually But since most of the cases go unreported, otherwise the real number is likely to be much higher, HRCP said

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