Know Why World’s Toughest Question Paper Never Gets Leaked?

Gaokao exam

In India, the uproar over NEET exam paper leaks shows no signs of abating, with new revelations emerging daily. Following the cancellation of the UGC NET exam, the agency responsible for conducting exams in the country now faces intense scrutiny.

Paper leaks are sadly not a novel issue here, with previous incidents involving exams like IIT JEE, CBSE, and Railway Recruitment Board exams. This has sparked comparisons with countries like China and America, where such incidents are notably rare.

China’s Gaokao Exam

Recent high-profile cases highlight China’s Gaokao exam, renowned as one of the world’s toughest. Each year, millions of students vie for a place in Chinese universities through this national-level exam. Rigorous preparation during their school years ensures they are well-equipped for the challenges ahead. In China, students dedicate up to 12 hours daily to study for this exam, rallying together a day before with morale-boosting chants.

Security surrounding the Gaokao is formidable. Drone surveillance monitors exam centers, blocking any unauthorized radio signals that could aid cheating. Advanced technologies like facial recognition, fingerprint verification, and metal detectors are deployed at checkpoints to verify identities.

The strict enforcement regime includes SWAT teams ensuring exam centers remain secure, with at least eight police officers stationed at each venue.

Stringent laws in China ensure the integrity of the Gaokao. Penalties for cheating or paper leaks are severe, with offenders facing up to 7 years in prison. This comprehensive security framework involves multiple government agencies, including the Ministry of National Security and the Supreme People’s Court, underlining China’s commitment to maintaining exam integrity.

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