Qatar’s Supreme Court Releases all 8 Indian Ex-Navy Officers


The Supreme Court of the Gulf country Qatar has released all eight officers of the Indian Navy. Qatar’s security agencies had arrested all these Indian officers on charges of alleged espionage.

Qatar’s court had sentenced all eight to death. Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI and the government were trying their best to somehow hang Indian officers on charges of espionage, so that they could get an excuse to hang retired Indian army officer Kulbhushan Jadhav, who was lodged in a Pakistani jail.
As soon as the Modi government received this news, PM Modi contacted Foreign Minister S. Not only did Jaishankar be sent to Qatar, PM Modi also met Qatar President Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani during an event in Dubai.
Despite such a huge exercise, international observers said that Qatar’s laws are very strict and no prophet could save Indian Navy officers from being hanged. He also said that Qatar’s court cannot change its law for Indian PM Modi.

Meanwhile, former Indian diplomat Deepak Bora had definitely said that India should trust its Prime Minister Modi. He has so much influence on the Gulf countries that he will bring back all the eight officers from the dungeon of Qatar. During a live program of a TV channel, Deepak Bora drew attention to his old statement and then said that India is no longer the same India as before. Under the leadership of PM Modi, India’s image has become that of not only amending the laws of its own country but also getting the laws of any country in the world amended.
India does not exert pressure on any country through coercion but through a policy of love, cooperation and harmony. This policy of India is making waves all over the world.

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About the Author: Nunnem Gangte