BCD Finalizes Advocates Protection Bill (2023) Draft

Advocates Protection Bill

The Delhi Bar Council (BCD) recently completed a draft of the Delhi Advocates (Protection) Bill, 2023.

The bill defines acts of violence, offenders, and punishment, as well as providing compensation and police protection to advocates in the event of threats.

It proposes the formation of permanent grievance redressal committees at the district court and high court levels.

According to a press release issued by the co-ordination committee of all district courts bar associations in Delhi, this committee will be comprised of the head of the Judiciary, i.e., the District Judge at the District level, the President/Secretary of the concerned Bar Association, and a nominee of the Bar Council of Delhi.

“For the High Court, the Committee shall comprise of Hon’ble the Chief Justice or his nominee, along with the President/Secretary of the Delhi High Court Bar Association and the Chairman or a nominee of Bar Council of Delhi,” the statement reads.

It is suggested that these committees act whenever an incident occurs on court property and make every effort to resolve it.

“If the situation warrants, the committee will refer the matter to High Court and Bar Council of Delhi and in case of police/any other authority, the Committee shall be competent to issue appropriate directions in the facts as are brought before it,” the statement further stated.

Advocates are also protected from ‘illegal arrest’ and ‘malicious prosecution’ under the bill.

The bill was drafted by the BCD’s special committee, which was led by advocate KC Mittal.

Dr NC Sharma, Chairman of the Coordination Committee, and Raman Sharma, Secretary General of the Coordination Committee, were among those present. The committee also included the presidents and secretaries of Delhi’s bar associations.



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