Parliament Security Breach: Court Extends Custody of All Accused

Parliament Scurity Breach

Delhi’s Patiala House Court on Wednesday, extended the judicial custody of all individuals arrested in the Parliament Security Breach Case until March 1, 2024. Dr. Hardeep Kaur, the Additional Sessions Judge, presided over the proceedings, acknowledging the presence of all six accused in the courtroom and subsequently prolonging their judicial custody by 30 days. Notably, all the accused were physically produced in court.

Simultaneously, the same court has scheduled a hearing for February 17, 2024, regarding an application submitted by some of the arrested individuals. This application alleges that the police forcibly obtained their signatures on blank papers. The court has requested a response from Delhi Police regarding this application.

During the previous hearing, Neelam Azad, one of the accused, informed the court that a female officer had coerced her into signing 52 blank papers the day before. Her counsel, Suresh Chaudhary, asserted that similar incidents had occurred in the past. In response, the court instructed the counsel to file an appropriate application, which was subsequently submitted.

Special Public Prosecutor (SPP) Akhand Pratap Singh raised objections to the allegations and submissions made by the accused. The court duly recorded the counsel’s submission.

In a previous development, five out of the six accused agreed to undergo a polygraph test, while Neelam Azad declined. Additionally, accused individuals Manoranjan and Sagar consented to undergo a Narco Analysis and Brain Mapping test. SPP Akhand Pratap recommended the polygraph test for all six accused, along with the Narco and Brain Mapping tests specifically for Manoranjan and Sagar.

All the accused individuals are facing charges in connection with the Parliament Security Breach case, which relates to a security breach that occurred on the anniversary of the Parliament attack on December 13.

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