Supreme Court Lashed out at Punjab and Haryana on Munak Canal Issue

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The Supreme Court today slammed the Haryana and Punjab governments for not taking steps to resolve the Munak canal issue. The Supreme Court used strong words for Punjab and said, ‘You don’t want to resolve this issue’.’ Apex court said common people do not want to listen that how many meeting you have done. They only want to resolve this issue.

The Supreme Court said that the state should not indulge in party politics, they should address the grievances. The apex court pointed out to the state of Punjab that ‘you have not taken a single serious step towards solving the problem’. Supreme Court advised both the government to sit with each other to seek mutually benefitted solution of Munak Canal issue.

Summing up the issue for today, the Supreme Court asked both the states to file replies in four weeks and fixed January 3, 2023 for the next hearing.

Muank Canal Issue

  • Munak Canal is a part of Western Yamuna Canal and water bridge between Haryana and Delhi.
  • The thirst of Delhi is quenched by the Munak canal but there is a dispute with Punjab and Haryana.
  • To settle the dispute, it was recommended to raise the embankment of Munak Canal.
  • Every year during the rainy season the Munak canal overflows and 25 villages get submerged.
  •  Munak Canal covers a large part of Punjab on its way to Haryana.
  • Haryana says, this is Punjab government’s duty to raise embankments of Munak Canal.
  • Since the Punjab government has no profit, they are not interested in widening its base area and increasing the height of the Munak embankments.
  • Supreme Court directed both state governments to follow CWC (Central Water Commission) recommendations to solve the issue as earliest.

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