Asaduddin Owaisi Compares New Criminal Laws To Rowlatt Act

As per the central government, 3 main provisions that have been symbols of colonial rule lies in the IPC – sedition, criminalization of homosexuality and adultery had been nullified.

However, the fine print shows that the offence of revolt, currently provide inoperable by a Supreme Court order, has had a name change from ‘Rajdroh’ to ‘Deshdroh’.

Lambasting the new criminal laws which came into effect today, chief of AIMIM political party Asaduddin Owaisi stated that the new laws are worse than the colonial era’s most controversial Rowlatt Act denouncing the latest provision which allows cops to detain citizens for 24 hours without any warrant, he stated, “What have they changed? It is worse than colonial laws. Was forensic not used before? Will show you in my constituency, we have the best DNA and forensic labs. The claims are bakwas.’

Furthermore, the increasing detention in police custody from the current 2 weeks limit to up to 3 months, inviting terror, danger, corruption and organized crime under ordinary legislation for the first time to legalize homosexuality and adultery are some other main features of the laws.

Challenging the Bills, AIMIM’s Asaduddin Owaisi had announced, “These 3 criminal Bills are themselves felonious. Instead of preventing crimes, they are an attempt to give legal cover to the government’s crimes… The reality is that there is no greater punishment for the poor, the Dalits and Muslims in this country than their very lives.”

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About the Author: Meera Verma