BCI Chairman Writes to Law Minister on Advocates’ Welfare and Security


The Bar Council of India (BCI) Chairman, Manan Kumar Mishra wrote a letter to the Minister for Law and Justice, Arjun Ram Meghwal, addressing issues related to the welfare and security of the nation’s legal fraternity.

The letter emphasized that advocates are the cornerstone of our democratic system, entrusted with upholding the Constitution and ensuring the protection of fundamental rights for all citizens.

Urgent Need for Insurance Scheme

Despite their indispensable role, many advocates operate under precarious conditions, lacking essential protections against health and life risks. The recent pandemic starkly revealed these vulnerabilities, underscoring the urgent need for a comprehensive health, medical, and life insurance scheme for advocates and their dependents.

The BCI has long championed the necessity of a health, medical, and life insurance scheme for the advocates’ fraternity.

The Ministry of Law has initiated positive steps, requesting data from the Bar Council, which is being meticulously collected. It is crucial for the government to address the financial aspects, ensuring advocates and their families have the necessary health and life coverage. This initiative would provide financial security and enable advocates to perform their duties without the constant anxiety of health-related contingencies.

MK Mishra emphasized the urgent need for the swift implementation of the Advocates Protection and Compensation Bill/Act. Advocates often face threats, intimidation, and physical harm while discharging their professional duties. The proposed legislation seeks to provide essential protections, enabling advocates to fulfill their roles fearlessly and with dignity. Implementing this legislation, alongside a comprehensive insurance scheme, would significantly enhance the morale and security of the legal fraternity, acknowledging their sacrifices and dedication.

The legal community stands as a vigilant sentinel of democracy, ensuring justice is accessible to every citizen. Advocates play a pivotal role in interpreting and applying the law, defending civil liberties, and championing the underprivileged. It is imperative that their well-being is addressed with the urgency and seriousness it warrants.

Trust in Leadership 

The BCI Chairman trusts that under the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji and the esteemed guidance of Minister Meghwal Ji, the Ministry of Law and Justice will take decisive steps to support the advocates of our nation. The Bar Council of India remains ready for further dialogue and assistance in this noble endeavor, the letter stated.

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