Delhi Police Arrest Two for Duping Businessman with Fake Rajya Sabha Seat Offer

Rajya Sabha Seat

Delhi Police has apprehended two individuals for allegedly defrauding a businessman of Rs 2 crore by offering him a Rajya Sabha seat, authorities revealed.

The police stated that the suspects had fabricated two documents from the President’s Office to gain the confidence of the victim.

Kishangarh Police Station

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Southwest) Rohit Meena informed that a PCR call was received at the Kishangarh police station on April 25, where the caller reported apprehending a fraudster and requested police assistance.

Upon arrival, the complainant Narender Singh (63) presented one Naveen Kumar Singh to the police, claiming he had been deceived by him. Narender alleged that he had encountered Naveen through an individual named Nanak Das in August 2023.

How they Scam the Businessman?

As per the complainant’s account, Naveen had masqueraded as a protocol officer at the president’s office and persuaded Narender, along with Nanak, that they could assist him in securing a seat in the Parliament’s Upper House via the president’s quota, stated DCP Meena. The accused purportedly demanded Rs 2 crore from Narender Singh, the officer added.

During questioning, Naveen revealed that, with the assistance of an individual named Karan, a resident of Laxmi Nagar in east Delhi, they had forged two documents from the president’s office and forwarded them to Narender to earn his trust. Narender provided Rs 1.25 crore, while Nanak received Rs 75 lakh from Narender, as per the police.

A search was initiated to apprehend Nanak, and he was ultimately apprehended on Friday, disclosed another officer. The officer noted that Naveen had previously been implicated in three instances of fraud, and police raids were conducted at his offices in Delhi and Noida.

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