Gyanvapi: ‘Owner of Land is Idol, Namaz Should Not be Allowed’, Hearing Deferred to Dec 14

Shringar Gauri

The hearing on the petition against the demand for regular worship of ‘Shringar Gauri’ has been deferred to Wednesday in the Allahabad High Court.

On behalf of the temple side, it was said that the witnesses in the Deen Mohammad case had shared the details of the places of worship in the Gyanvapi Mosque.
The hearing of the revision petition of Anjuman Intezamia Masjid Committee is being done by Justice JJ Munir via video conferencing.

Advocate Harishankar Jain argued and said that in the case of Deen Mohammad, 12 witnesses had given statements regarding places of worship. He pointed out the misuse of Khasra number 9130 from the side of the mosque and how it was being used as evidence.

He further said, “From the Masjid side the word ‘Alamgir Mosque’ is being used whereas in Deen Mohammad case the word ‘Gyanvapi Masjid’ has been used.

“In the Deen Mohammad case, the plaintiff was allowed to offer Namaz only in the dome. The demand to declare the entire site as Waqf was not accepted,” he stated.

Harishankar Jaim referred to Pouranik Granthas and said that there is only one Vishweshwar in Kashi, which was broken. But the ownership of the land is still vested in the idol. The mosque is not owned. So the Muslim community should not be allowed to offer Namaz,” Advocate Harishankar Jain added.

Petitioner advocate SFA Naqvi alleged that the temple side is cleverly seeking the right to worship in the mosque premises by filing a case, which is a violation of the Places of Worship Act.

After the pleadings of both sides the Court adjourned the hearing for Wednesday 14 the December.

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