IGI Airport Crackdown: 108 Fraudulent Agents Nabbed In Visa & Passport Fraud Cases

Visa & Passport Fraud Cases

The Indira Gandhi International Airport Police in Delhi have recently apprehended 108 fraudulent agents in response to a surge in visa and passport fraud cases linked to illegal immigration.

Case Details

These efforts have significantly bolstered air travel integrity and national security. According to Delhi Police data, the IGI Airport Police arrested 108 fraudulent agents in the past six months, up from 51 during the same period last year.

“The arrests were made nationwide, including in Punjab, Gujarat, Haryana, Maharashtra, and West Bengal,” the police stated.

The focus has shifted to holding these agents accountable rather than solely targeting unwitting passengers who fall prey to illegal immigration schemes while seeking better opportunities abroad. This approach has led to notable successes in detecting and apprehending offenders.

“Since 2024 began, approximately 51 agents from previous cases and 57 from new cases have been apprehended,” the police reported.

Delhi Police data reveals that “around 76 Look Out Circulars (LOCs) have been issued for agents who have fled abroad or are untraceable,” marking a twofold increase from last year. Several Proclaimed Offenders (POs) from cases spanning over a decade have also been apprehended this year, showcasing the police’s commitment to resolving longstanding issues.

The police emphasized the importance of public awareness to prevent individuals from falling victim to fraudulent agents who exploit aspirations for better opportunities abroad. These agents employ deceptive tactics, leaving unaware passengers in legal jeopardy, often resulting in financial losses through land sales, mortgages, or high-interest loans.

Cases Alike

IGI Airport Police investigations have uncovered various scams involving fake departure/arrival stamps, ‘donkey routes’ for illegal entry, counterfeit visas, forged passports, work permits, and seaman documents, as well as fake identities for foreign nationals, particularly Bangladeshis and Rohingyas. Impersonation schemes and the creation of counterfeit visas resembling genuine ones are also prevalent.

“In 2024, 19 agents involved in fake visa cases have been arrested,” the police disclosed. Donkey routes are used to smuggle passengers into Asian countries, exploiting visa-on-arrival opportunities and facilitating illegal border crossings.

“In 2024, 11 agents involved in these schemes have been arrested,” the police added.

Additionally, 24 agents were arrested for facilitating illegal travel using passports with similar facial features. Three agents were apprehended for identity fraud after being blacklisted, while 21 were arrested for providing fake Indian passports to foreign nationals.

“Twelve agents were arrested for tampering with passports, eight for creating fake travel histories, and seven in cases where no departure was recorded,” the police detailed.

The proactive measures and swift actions of the IGI Airport Police underscore their dedication to safeguarding national security and maintaining immigration integrity. Through collaboration and robust strategies, the police remain committed to combating organized crime and ensuring public trust in air travel.

The public is encouraged to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to assist in combating this threat.

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