Know Your Rights: Access to Water and Restrooms in Restaurants and Hotels

Have you ever experienced being denied water service at a restaurant or hotel? Have they insisted that you must make a purchase, or even asked for payment for such a basic request? It’s important to know that such actions by the hotel or restaurant are actually against the law. As a citizen, you have the right to request water and to use their restroom facilities when visiting any establishment.

Access to water and restroom facilities is indeed protected by law. While some may dismiss these incidents as hearsay and choose to overlook them, it’s crucial to recognize that these rights are legally enforced. It’s unfortunate when establishments fail to honor these rights, but it’s vital for individuals to be informed about their entitlements.

This right has its roots in colonial times, established by the Indian Sarais Act of 1867 during British rule in India. This law mandates that hotels and lodges must provide free access to restrooms and drinking water to all individuals, regardless of whether they are customers or not.

The interpretation of the term “free access” as outlined in Section 7(2) of the Indian Sarais Act of 1867 allows any person to request and utilize water or restroom facilities at any hotel without charge, at any time.

It’s essential to be aware of our rights, especially regarding something as fundamental as access to water and restroom facilities. If you’ve ever encountered refusal or been charged for such basic amenities at a restaurant or hotel, know that it goes against the law. As citizens, we’re entitled to request water and use restroom facilities in any establishment we visit. These rights, stemming from the Indian Sarais Act of 1867, ensure that individuals can access these necessities without discrimination or cost, irrespective of whether they’re patrons or passersby. Understanding and asserting these rights are crucial steps towards ensuring fair and equitable treatment for all.

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About the Author: Hemansh Tandon