Man Out on Parole Shot Dead in Delhi, Police Investigation Underway

Man Out on Parole Shot Dead

A 34-year-old man, on parole, was fatally shot by three individuals in northeast Delhi’s Jafrabad area on Friday evening, as per police reports.

Criminal Cases

The incident occurred at 7:30 PM while Nazim, a resident of Jafrabad, was standing near his residence. Deputy Commissioner of Police (northeast) Joy Tirkey stated that Nazim had four criminal cases, including murder, robbery, and NDPS Act violations, registered against him in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh.

Tirkey mentioned that Nazim had been convicted in a robbery case and had been on parole for about a month.

The three assailants, suspected to be minors, arrived on motorcycles and fired multiple shots at Nazim, resulting in his death at the scene. The motive behind the killing is yet to be determined, the officer explained. “Crime Team and forensic science laboratory team have arrived at the location, and CCTV footage in the area is under review to identify and apprehend the suspects,” the officer added.

Understanding Parole: Supervised Release from Incarceration

Parole is a legal concept that involves the supervised release of a prisoner from incarceration, before the completion of their sentence, under certain conditions and restrictions. This release is typically granted by a parole board or similar authority based on factors such as the prisoner’s behavior, rehabilitation progress, and risk assessment.

While on parole, individuals are required to comply with specific terms, which may include regular check-ins with a parole officer, participation in rehabilitative programs, and refraining from criminal activity.

Violating the conditions of parole can result in consequences such as re-arrest and return to prison to serve the remainder of the sentence.

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