Tunisha Suicide Case: Sheezan Used to Give Her Wrong Medicines, Claims Lawyer

Tunisha Suicicde

In a new twist, the lawyer representing the Tunisha murder case has claimed in a Mumbai court that Sheejan used to give her wrong medicines.

The government lawyer also claimed that Sheezan had deleted several chats from his mobile, which are yet to be retrieved.
Sheezan has deleted several chats from his mobile. Some of those chats are still not retrieved. His phone also contains many crucial evidence.

Both Sheezan and Tunisha had separate makeup rooms, so why she went to Sheezan’s makeup room, remains to be found out, as Sheezan has not said anything clearly.

He further said that it needs to be found out what exactly happened when Sheezan met Tunisha on the day of her death.

The whole incident is of those 45 minutes only when Sheezan Khan met Tunisha, but Sheezan is not answering properly, what exactly happened between him and Tunisha in those 45 minutes? The day, Tunisha died by suicide, she didn’t eat anything, but Sheezan did. He also didn’t give a proper statement to the police that day,” he said.

The government advocate also claimed that if Sheezan is given bail, he can incriminate the evidence related to the case.

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