Bombay High court dismisses CBI’s application seeking extension to make Deshmukh bail effective

Anil Deshmukh

The Bombay High court on Tuesday dismissed CBI’s application seeking extension to make Anil Deshmukh bail effective.

Now, Deshmukh will be walking out of jail tomorrow as CBI could not get a hearing in Supreme Court and the December 21 stay extension on his bail comes to an end today.

An earlier ruling granting bail to former state Home Minister Anil Deshmukh in a corruption case filed by the Central Bureau of Investigation was delayed by the Bombay High Court on December 21 to December 27.

Earlier Justice MS Karnik clarified that no further extension would be granted thereafter.
Justice Karnik granted Deshmukh bail on December 12 and stated that the bail judgement would take effect after 10 days since the CBI wanted more time to appeal it to the Supreme Court (SC).
The central agency appealed to the SC on December 16, but the case wouldn’t be heard until January 2023 due to the holiday closure of the apex court.

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