Delhi Court Convicts Man For ‘Double Murder’ With Motive Of Robbery

A Delhi Court has recently convicted a person for double murder with the motive of robbery and stated that the prosecution has been able to complete the chain of circumstances and has proved beyond the shadow of all reasonable doubts that accused has committed the crime charged with.


In a recent judgment, Additional Sessions Judge Shefali Barnala Tandon stated, “In view of the forensic evidence, the medical evidence, the recovery of robbed articles at the instance of accused, the scene of crime report, the photographs of spot, the MLC and Postmortem Report of the deceased, the deposition of the independent witnesses which had remained coherent, reliable and trustworthy.”

Furthermore, the judgment stated that, in view of the above discussions & findings, accused Deepanshu @ Deepu is held guilty and accordingly, convicted for the commission of the offences punishable under section 302 IPC and Sections 394 & 397 IPC.

Moreover, the court added that in the current case, the prosecution has been able to prove the complicity of the accused in the commission of crime that’s beyond the shadow of all reasonable doubts as all the circumstances established are consistent only with the hypothesis of the guilt of the accused and the complete chain of circumstantial evidence is complete in all respects and no reasonable doubt is left which can lead to the conclusion of innocence of the accused persons and no other hypothesis is possible in the given circumstances.

The court stated that the prosecution has been able to prove all the ingredients of the offences for which the accused has been charged and faced trial.

The court noted that, the accused failed to explain the circumstances proved against him via a viz recovery of the mobile phone, purse, PAN card and photograph of the deceased Smt Shashi, blood of both the deceased persons found on his wearing apparels and chappals, use of his sim in the robbed mobile phone, his subsequent conduct of fleeing from the area soon after the incident etc. though the burden of proof shifted upon them as per Section 106 of the Indian Evidence Act.

The accused faced a trial of the Charge under Section 394 IPC read with Section 397 IPC & Section 302 IPC for committing double murder by inflicting injuries upon them with a deadly weapon i.e. a pair of scissors, during the commission of robbery of Rs. 21,400, mobile phone, Purse and certain other articles from their house situated in Patel Nagar, Delhi on June 14, 2015.

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