It is important to Empowering Women in Leadership says Justice Hima Kohli

Justice Hima Kohli

At an event organized by the International Center for Mediation and Arbitration in Hyderabad, Supreme Court judge Justice Hima Kohli stressed the importance of promoting women to leadership positions while recognizing their valuable contribution as decision makers. Justice Hima Kohli said encouraging women to take up leadership roles, inviting them as key speakers at conferences and ensuring their presence on discussion panels are important steps in removing subconscious biases against them.

Justice Hima Kohli urged corporate entities involved in arbitration to include women in potential arbitrator lists and consultation roles. Additionally, she highlighted the importance of providing internship opportunities to young women lawyers, facilitating their entry into various legal fields.

Justice Kohli emphasized that gender diversity among arbitrators is essential to promote inclusivity and fairness in dispute resolution. She expanded the discussion on diversity beyond gender to include aspects such as sexual orientation, geographic origin, cultural background and age diversity, emphasizing that such inclusivity enhances the validity and fairness of arbitration outcomes.

Noting the increasing representation of women in arbitration, he said that the percentage of women appointed as arbitrators had witnessed a significant increase between 2015 and 2021, praising the efforts of arbitration institutions for this positive trend.

Justice Kohli concluded by emphasizing that embracing diversity and inclusivity is not only a moral obligation but also a strategic necessity to enhance the effectiveness of international arbitration. He called for collective efforts to remove barriers, promote inclusivity and ensure that the arbitration community reflects the diverse global population it serves.

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