CJI DY Chandrachud Announces Lok Adalat to Tackle Case Backlog on July 29

Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud on Tuesday has announced the commencement of a special Lok Adalat on July 29, urging citizens to seize this opportunity to address the substantial backlog of cases.

In his message, CJI Chandrachud emphasized the significance of this initiative, which will run from July 29-August 3, as part of the Supreme Court’s 75th-anniversary celebrations.

CJI Remarks…

CJI Chandrachud remarked, “From July 29 to August 3, the Supreme Court is organizing a special Lok Adalat. This is part of a series of activities to commemorate the 75th year since the establishment of the Apex Court.”

He highlighted the judiciary’s collective concern over the large backlog of cases, stating, “We are all judges, as people dedicated to the institution of justice, concerned about the large backlog of cases. The Lok Adalat represents a very informal and technology-based solution to resolve cases involving our citizens to their satisfaction in a purely voluntary consensual mode.”

Appealing to citizens, lawyers, and advocates, CJI Chandrachud encouraged participation in this special Lok Adalat to expedite case resolutions.

He stated, “Therefore, on behalf of all my colleagues and the staff of the Supreme Court, I appeal to all citizens who have cases before the court, and to all lawyers and advocates on record, to take advantage and benefit from this opportunity in an attempt to resolve cases speedily in a manner acceptable to all contesting parties.”

Lok Adalat, an alternative dispute resolution mechanism, provides a forum for amicable settlement of disputes pending in courts or at the pre-litigation stage.

Statutorily recognized under the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987, decisions made by Lok Adalats are considered decrees of civil courts, final and binding on all parties, with no appeal against such awards permissible.

However, parties unsatisfied with a Lok Adalat award may initiate litigation by filing a case in the appropriate jurisdiction, exercising their right to litigate.

The special Lok Adalat offers several benefits, including swift settlement of disputes, final and executable awards, cost-effective resolution, and court fee refunds.

Cases suitable for settlement, such as matrimonial and property disputes, motor accident claims, land acquisition compensation, service, and labor issues, pending before the Supreme Court, will be addressed to facilitate speedy disposal.

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